Senior Year Tips

On-Location photoshoot at OLSM

On-Location photoshoot at OLSM

Whether you’re excited, sad, scared, or happy about it being your last year of high school, we have some tips to help make your senior year the best it can be.

  • Live in the present and enjoy the moment

    • As our assistant Dan likes to say, “Hang up and hang out!” Time flies, you won’t believe where the time went after high school. Put your phone down and enjoy time with your friends before you part ways after graduation. Isn’t it more fun to socialize than be around friends who are glued to their phone and not talking to you? Your senior year only lasts so long.

  • Get involved

    • There are several ways you can get involved: clubs, school dances, school sporting events, the list goes on. These will not be events that will happen after you’re out of school. Enjoy the opportunities that being a teenager brings.

  • Work!

    • Balancing school, your social life, and any other hobbies/extracurricular activities can be difficult, especially if you work as well, but it all depends on how you manage your time. Working is great because not only do you meet new people, but you also get to earn your own money, learn time management, and add experience to your resume! Working with the public can open your eyes and make you a well-rounded person.

  • Make new friends

    • Don’t be afraid to talk to new people in your classes, in line at lunch, at tailgates, clubs, etc. There are a lot of awesome people you’ve never met before! Go out there and be friendly. Ask a simple question to start a conversation.

  • Get your senior portraits taken

    • No explanation needed for this! ;) We have been blessed to photograph amazing seniors from all over the state of Michigan. This is your senior year… let’s do it right!